Alice House Full Investigation

Published on Nov 25, 2015 | Southern Paranormal

Southern Paranormal has finished compiling the second video from the Alice House! This video is uncut and unedited! We hope you enjoy our work in the paranormal field as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

Paranormal Activity Mississippi House - Light anomalies Flying All Over The Place

Published on Nov 6, 2015 |

During my paranormal investigation at the Mississippi house, I got major K2 reading and flying light anomaly's all over the place. The static electricity during these spikes and anomaly's stood the hairs on my arms up.

Paranormal Intelligent Response

Published on Nov 6, 2015 |

I investigated an extremely haunted home in Mississippi. Here's a clip of an intelligent response captured on video.

Spirit Box EVP captured by Brad Cooney and Donnie Massey "They're NOT leaving!" >

Direct response after asking "Give me a significant sign of your presence" Notice the green laser grid starts blinking. This is NOT designed to blink like that.

While touring the house an impressive light orb/anomaly flew right past us.

Spirit Box EVP's Mississippi House. NOTE* At slower speeds these EVP's are much clearer.

1:54 How many spirits are in here? "THIRTY" 1:07 Was that you that turned on the flashlight? It wasn't on 4:15 Do you want us to leave? YEA! 8:15 If you would like to send a message this is the best device "HOLD HER"

Paranormal investigator John Bullard captured this video evidence of intelligent responses using a flashlight in Mississippi House

EVP recorded by John Bullard in Mississippi House "You could try"

EVP recorded by John Bullard "Don't be jealous"

EVP recorded by John Bullard "They have come down there."

EVP recorded by John Bullard "I can't breathe" Recorded in Mississippi House

Strange whistle sound heard by John Bullard while inside "Mississippi House" Nobody was in the house with him.

EVP recorded by John Bullard. When he asks "What color is your hair?" EVP response "Blonde"

EVP captured by John Bullard inside Mississippi House "You figure it out."

EVP recorded by John Bullard in Mississippi House. EVP "Kellen hang up."

EVP Spirit Box session in Mississippi House - Brad Cooney and Donnie Massey - 1:21 Was that you that made that noise upstairs? EVP "We're not there"

EVP Spirit Box session in Mississippi House 2/10/16 - 1:01 How many spirits are in this house? EVP "Seven" followed up by another EVP "I am too"

While investigating the house on February 9th, 2016 Brad Cooney and Donnie Massey were at the dining room table. Voices and footsteps came from the upstairs bedroom area. These noises/voices were so prolific that we both thought that there was an intruder in the house. We actually got the gun out of the truck and made sure the house was clear of an intruder. The video does capture some of the noise right before we got up from the table, so listen with headphones.

EVP session with Brad Cooney, Amanda and Donnie Massey, and Mike Fetch. One EVP clearly calls out Mike's name. Also, all 4 of us heard a disembodied voice (groan) that you can faintly here in this EVP session but you'll need headphones. Below is a time stamp of some of the other EVP's that came through.

4:23 “Go away” or “probably” Female 4:44 “TRAMP” Female 6:43 Disembodied grown sound (listen carefully) 7:04 “MIKE” - One of our investigators named Mike was in the room with us.

February 19th 2016, Friday night, investigator Brad Cooney with investigator Mike Fetch set up a video camera in the upstairs bedroom. The camera light shut off by itself 3 times. The light is not designed to shut off by itself. It shut off 3 times that night. We decided to review the video tape and discovered this strange light anomaly streaking by in front of the camera.

Investigator John Bullard while sitting in the upstairs bedroom took a series of flash still photos. The first photo seemed normal enough, but look what appears in the photos after.

Alice and Brad doing EVP and video investigation in the upstairs bedroom caught this impressive light anomaly 2/26/16

Brad Cooney with Donnie Massey in the upstairs bedroom doing an EVP session. Brad heard a whistle with his own ears. Donnie didn't hear it, but the audio does capture it. Go to the 15:28 mark of the audio. Listen BELOW and USE HEADPHONES for optimal experience.

One of the most active nights we ever had. This was the night we heard disembodied voices and rummaging sounds so loud that we thought there was an intruder upstairs. The voices and noises were the most prolific we ever heard. Later that night we went upstairs to the same room to do a spirit box EVP session. There are several EVP's that come through. During the EVP session the doors swings open by itself. I apologize for the bad language, but this shook us up. You'll hear several EVP's that all correspond with the incident at hand, the door opening.


2:53 – This door just opened I don't have any video of it EVP - “THE DOOR” This sounded like an EVP not from the spirit box

2:55 – I am rolling now, this door just opened by itself EVP - “I did it!"

3:44 Was that you that opened the door EVP “ Look at that”

9:11 Do you not like the door closed? EVP “The doors”

UPDATE - THIS WAS DEBUNKED ON 3/27 We were able to duplicate this and were able to see the door more clearly in the daylight.

We've had reports of this bird moving but never saw it for ourselves, UNTIL today. While setting up video cameras down the hall, this bird moved by itself. Minutes prior to this I had called out to the spirits "Can you move an object for us?" This was their answer. Also, we captured a strange banging sound behind us whle filming. You can clearly hear that as well.

While conducting a SB7 Spirit Box EVP session. I (Brad Cooney) at 3:09 seconds asked "What's our names?" At 3:17 we get an EVP response "Brad"

Pretty significant orbs captured all around Mississippi House.

While sitting in the dining room, the candle on the table in front of us turned on by itself. As you can see in the video footage, it turns back off then back on again. <br?

On May 6th, 2016 Paranormal Investigator John Bullard was asking for signs of any spirit presence. As you can see, the chandelier in the dining room shut off by itself. This happened in front of 5 other people. This is by far one of the most haunted houses in Mississippi.

May 6th, 2016 Brad Cooney captured this light orb while filming inside the haunted Mississippi House.

One of the ways we communicate with the resident spirits in "Mississippi House" is by using Divining Rods. In this session you'll see extremely accurate results. We get direct responses. Please excuse my brain malfunction when I couldn't remember what to call "Divining Rods."

Using a Rem-Pod (which didn't activate all night) in the downstairs bedroom. As soon as we mentioned "Lilly" we get Rem-Pod activity. When I ask "Lilly" to make the lights light up more, it immediately does so.

While conducting an EVP / K2 session in the upstairs bedroom, we got impressive K2 interaction with whom we believe is "Lilly" the house resident spirit.

I was shooting video in Mississippi House with Ilene. We had a K2 meter and a flashlight on the dining room table. We got several K2 hits, and at 9:10 in the video a direct intelligent response happens when I ask for the flashlight to turn on.

August 20th investigation - During a Facebook LIVE broadcast Brad Cooney and Ilene Jones capture some pretty impressive REM-POD hits. 100's of viewers on FACEBOOK watched this activity as it unfolded. Cooney also answers questions from the viewers as events unfolded. See the broadcast below.

Incredible video footage of a trigger object (baseball) manipulated and falling down the stairs on its own. This happened three times in two days. We captured it on video using investigator John Bullard's equipment. He captured same ball fall from the stairs twice on the day before this video. In this video Brad Cooney and Ilene Jones are walking in the dining room area when the ball falls on its own again.

STILL photo of the ball falling/moving on its own. Notice the ball stitching rotated BEFORE it falls.

This is a slowed down zoomed in video clip of a baseball that moves by itself, then falls down the stairs. This happened three times in two days. Notice the ball rotates, moves forward, then fall down the steps.

Investigator John Bullard set up cameras in the house and left them running for 24 hours. Notice the light anomaly and the bear on the bed falling off seconds later.

John Bullard captures the light over the dining room table shutting off by itself. This happens frequently for him when he's in the house. He's even had this light turn off on command in the past.

Investigators John Bullard and Brad Cooney captured this intelligent spirit response VIA flashlight. NOTE - The flashlight was placed on the stairs about an hour prior to the actual investigations start. It only started interacting when we began to pose questions. NOTE - The light stopped and never turned back on again that night. We believe it was a passing spirit that communicated with us then moved on.

Brad Cooney and Ilene Jones set up the gear and started rolling live on FB and captured some interesting light activity and a few SB11 EVP's. The evening had a pretty exciting finale. At the end of the broadcast as we were packing up the gear and saying goodbye to our viewers, the light above the dining room table shut completely off by itself. Unfortunately we were not aiming the phone directly at the light, but our reactions are evidence enough. Have a look and you be the judge. We also discovered furniture that moved away from the wall in the bottom bedroom. This was odd.

November 12th, 2016 FB "LIVE" broadcast of our investigation inside "Mississippi House" captures some pretty incredible EDI hits that coincided with light orbs flying passed a motion detector which was placed upstairs. We had two people manning the DVR monitors, and three people downstairs. In this video you will see and hear these events take place. Each time the we'd see orbs fly passed the motion detector, the motion detector would go off, and at the same time the EDI would register. We also had some equipment failure with my phone. My phone froze, then the screen flipped by itself. Additionally that night, we heard a male disembodied voice, and a big thumping sound upstairs.

New Years Eve Dec 31 2016. We captured several pieces of paranormal evidence. Below you'll see three video clips. A ball that was placed on the stairs falls down the steps on its own. The door leading into the upstairs bedroom opens up by itself, and look closely, you'll see a light orb shoot into the room and it heads toward the TV. Also a DVR camera which was set up by and above the dining room table rocks by itself. You can also see (if you look closely) a little distortion in the air over the chair by the stairs.

Pretty much right on command, a light over the dining room table shuts off by itself. This light stays on for days at a time and is constantly being recorded VIA house video system. It only shuts off during times we are there asking for signs of spirit activity.

Another angle of the dining room light shutting off by itself. You can see how it startles investigator Ilene Jones.

Psychic Medium Lyndsey Paul joined us at the Mississipi House and the spirits let it be know that they welcomed her. We had a rempod set up in the upstairs bedroom. We were downstairs when this happened, but we heard it. Take a look at two massive Rempod hits and notice the light orbs just previous to the first hit.

May 20th, 2017 at Mississippi House. We captured some very interesting light orbs. Normally we don't put TOO much stock into orbs, however these are different. There are several dust particles flying around but notice the perfectly round orbs floating around to the left of the dining room light. Here's two video clips. We document things and post them and let you decide.

May 20th, Mississippi House - The dining room light over the table shuts off on its own. This only happens when we are in the home asking spirits to shut it off. This never happens when nobody is in the home or in normal daily activity. Scroll to the 5 minute mark to see it.

On a Friday night near midnight, house video system captures what appears to be a black mass shadow type figure rapidly traveling up the wall by the stairs, and seconds later the baseball on the steps rolls off and down by itself. We put the baseball on the steps as a trigger object. This is about the 5th time we've captured the ball being knocked off the steps.

Things often move by themselves in Mississippi House. We've become a little used to this kind of thing happening. That said, it's still exciting when we catch things moving that aren't supposed to move. The house video system caught this activity on July 23rd, 2017. We were just setting things up for an evening investigation when "movement" happened right in front of us. Take a look. I think you'll see it pretty clearly.

August 6th, house video system captures the laundry room door opening up by itself. Doors throughout the house open up frequently.

September 17, 2017 Alice was sitting on the couch when she suddenly heard something move behind the couch. When she turned, she saw a chord that was unplugged from a candle holder swinging back and forth. What she didn't see what that strange light anomaly that was darting around behind her. Notice how it shoots away from her when she spins around.

Brad Cooney and Ilene Jones were inside Mississippi House with a digital recorder rolling and captured what sounds like a direct response EVP. Listen closely (use headphones for best results) right after Brad says, "Just a little nudge" it sounds like the EVP says, "He wants (pause) He wants us to cut the light off."

December 25th, 20017 Christmas Day. Baseball falls down the stairs. Nobody was in the house. The ball has been sitting in the same spot for several days. This has happened a few times now.