Evening Tour

6:00--8:30 PM ($ 25) By appointment only.

Tour the Little Red House Where Ghosts Live. We are not your stereotypical haunted mansion. We have had consistent, documented audio and visual activity since 2011. (Active, but not documented prior to then). Would you be interested in adding to the knowledge base? Bring your own devices and equipment, if you like. Even simple cell phones have captured some of the best EVPs and orbs.

Overnight Experience

6:00--overnight ($ 75) *PER PERSON* A 50% deposit it required up front with no refunds being available.

This would include an overnight visit. Could you survive the entire night? Very bizarre lights have been observed by many people. A few have been recorded. We would like to capture yours.

About Our Tours

Both tours include a walk-through with either Brad or John to go over hot spots, evidence, trigger objects, history, etc.

John (Smoke and Mirrors Paranormal Investigators) says the activity in the house is more consistent than he's seen in famous haunted places. He also says, "The silent recordings (EVPs) in this house are the best I have ever experienced because they are such intelligent sentences! Not just responses, but actual full sentences!!! :)

Example: "They have come down here."

"Kellen, hang up!

"Picture. You'll figure it out."

After Brad asks about who opened the bedroom door an EVP response “I did it”

Brad usually also gets quick responses. The spirits know our names. We believe they have become familiar with us because of our frequent interaction. They have learned to manipulate our devices.

You can contact us at:

Brad (Primary contact)