The Mississippi House Spirits Showed up During LIVE Blissen Up Broadcast

Written by Brad Cooney Published: 12 March 2016

Rachel Lang, an intuitive Astrologer based out of Los Angeles, California was hosting her show live from inside the "Mississippi House" when the spirtis made their presence known. During her live broadcast, which was being viewed by hundreds and hundreds of people, things started to happen. In this video, you'll see Paranormal Investigator John Bullard visibly shaken as his ghost hunting equipment started going off. Bullard set up Rem-Pods, and a Mel-Meter which captured some pretty amazing readings.

Rachel Lang's producer observed orbs and light flashes from his monitor in Los Angeles, and during that same time, Bullard's Mel-Meter spiked to a 41.9, which is extremely high. The highest I (Brad Cooney) have ever seen a Mel-Meter reading in "Mississippi House" was a 6. Previous to this spike, all of the Rem-Pods were going off as well. Remember, this happened during a live broadcast.

Below is the video of this amazing paranormal experience which was all captured live during Rachel Lang's "Blissen Up" broadcast.