The House That Ghosts Live In - Mississippi House Is Never Vacant

Written by Brad Cooney Published: 17 January 2016

My first experience inside “Mississippi House” was one that I'll not soon forget. Alice, (Homeowner) myself, my two friends Donnie and Amanda investigated the master bedroom on night one. We captured intelligent responses, light anomalies, static electricity and K2 hits all at the same time. There was definitely a presence in the room other than us humans. I wanted to experience the paranormal for myself. I have watched countless paranormal TV programs over the years, and I've always told myself that investigating a haunted house is something that I want to personally experience. This wish came true. I've been back to the house a 2nd time now and with this most recent visit I was able to capture two EVP's. The whole EVP thing is also very intriguing to me. There was nobody in the room except for me, Donnie, and Alice. So who's voices did we hear on the digital recorder when we played the audio's back? It wasn't ours. Mississippi house isn't your stereotypical haunted house. It's not an 1800's Civil War Plantation. It's just a normal looking home built in the 1990's. Don't let the age of the home fool you though. Rest assured, this home is haunted. VERY haunted.