TAPS Ghost Hunters Legend Returns To Mississippi House

Written by Super User Published: 29 October 2017

Mississippi House was visited by world renowned paranormal investigator Steve Gonsalves just a few short months ago. Well guess who's back? After expereincing things that he could not explain during his first trip, he decided that he wanted to come back. The home is extremely active which is a good reason why nationally known investigators are making their way to our location.

The house isn't your typical haunted looking house. It was built in the 1990's. Don't let that fool you though. Paranormal activity takes place more in this home than any other home I've ever seen. House camera systems have captured doors opening, items falling from shelves, lights coming on and off, things being yanked off chairs, and the list goes on.

During Steve's recent trip, while analyzing his audio recording he captured an EVP that sounded like it said "John" which is the first name of John Bullard one of our house investigators. Things that can't be explained happen inside of this house. To book your own visit and or investigation you can contact John Bullard at smokeandmirrorspi@yahoo.com

Steve Gonsalves, WLBT's Walt Grayson, John Bullard, and Brad Cooney

Ilene Jones, Walt Grayson, Alice Jackson, John Bullard, Brad Cooney, and Steve Gonsalves.