Psychic Medium Lyndsey Paul Visits Mississippi House

Written by Brad Cooney Published: 09 April 2017

Voted best Psychic Medium in Seattle two years in a row, the Mississippi House Paranormal Team were excited to see what Lyndsey Paul would see and hear when she toured the house. The spirits of the house showed up just as they usually do, and Lyndsey immediately picked up on it. As she walked the house, she hit on several things that two previous physics picked up on, which establishes an even more convincing story at Mississippi House. World renowned Psychic Chip Coffey was at the home earlier in the year, and he too experienced the spirits that occupy the house.

While here, Lyndsey Paul conducted several readings. Yours truly got one. I must say, I literally gasped at what happened. During the reading, I brought up my grandmother and how I used to enjoy listening to her play the piano. Literally a minute later Lyndsey asked, "Who's Anna?" at which time I gasped and said, 'That's my grandmother.' A few seconds later, she asked, "Who's Thomas?" which made me gasp again, to which I replied, 'That's my grandfather.' It was amazing how my grandparents came through immediately after me bringing up my grandmother, and Lyndsey hit on BOTH of their names.

Later in the evening we conducted a paranormal investigation. Lyndsey was able to experience first hand what happens inside of Mississippi House. Everything from EVP's, light anomalies, flashlights turning on and off on command, direct response EVP's, and major Rempod hits. We were all honored to have Lyndsey at the home, and we look forward to having her back in the NEAR future.

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