Mississippi House Welcomes TAPS Ghost Hunters Steve Gonsalves

Written by Brad Cooney Published: 15 July 2017

Mississippi House had a very special guest. Steve Gonsalves from TAPS - Ghost Hunters stopped by. This home has been visited by world renowned psychics such as Chip Coffey, and now one of the top paranormal investigators in the world, Steve Gonsalves. Did things happen that can't be explained while Steve was in the house? Yes indeed. The dining room light shut off by itself twice. This was observed by Steve, and as he usually does, he went into "investigation" mode and looked for normal non paranormal explanations as to why the light would simply shut off all by itself, twice. He climbed up on a chair and checked the bulbs, he checked for loose wiring, and even checked the circuit breaker box. We of course were very happy that Steve was unable to debunk what happened. We additionally had some interesting Rem-Pod hits, and some high Mel-Meter spikes. Below is a FB LIVE Q&A that Steve did with our followers. The Mississippi House will soon be opening up for tours and outside team investigators so that we can share what happens in this home with others. We'll also have some more incredible paranormal investigators visit the home in the near future.