Alice Jackson

I had no particular interest in the paranormal prior to building this house in 1990. Building supplies would be moved, to show up some place else later. Doors would slam. The doorbell would ring, and no one would be there. A candle left in a holder would often be found in other places. It was impossible to ignore these unusual happenings. Then bizarre lights began to appear, manifesting in numerous ways. These intrigue me to most: a tunnel of daylight in a pitch black room, colored buttons of light, sometimes throwing off colored light rays, foggy strobe lights, entire rooms lighting up, in addition to orbs / light anomolies captured by multiple investigators and news crews.

I express my appreciation and gratitude to the various paranormal investigators, most particularly to John Bullard, for his interest and work since 2011, to Tammy Franks for her very detailed and thorough history of the land, traced back from when it was originally bought by the government from the Indians, and for the fascinating stories surrounding the people who settled here, and to Brad Cooney, for bringing his intuitive perspectives into this work, and for his tireless dedication in making this website possible.

John Bullard

I started investigating the paranormal related field when I was 13 years old. I experienced stuff as a small child (shadow figures and voices), and as I grew older, I educated myself on what I had experienced.

I began truly investigating in 2006, to document and discover the mysteries related to the paranormal field.Throughout the past 9 years, I have investigated hundreds of locations and gathered relevant evidence to show proof of life after death.

Throughout my investigations, I have experienced voices, shadow figures, growls, psychically being touched and scratched, and numerous other things. My goal is to push the boundaries of what we can prove in the paranormal field. Documenting evidence, debunking things, helping others find peace with any situation they may be experiencing, and simply uncovering the mystery of what happens to us after we die.

Smoke and Mirrors Paranormal has always operated with the same 3 members all 9 years, and we are committed to being a premier group in the paranormal field. We have worked along side Ghost Adventures, Walt Grayson, and many other people in the paranormal field.

This private residence is the most active and consistent place that we have ever had the privilege to investigate. We have studied the house for many years and each time we investigate, more pieces of the puzzle are put together. This truly is unique, among all the haunted places we have ever investigated.

Brad Cooney

Brad is a published author who's work has been published in several national magazines over the years. Boxing Digest, Premiere Round Magazine (print magazines) Boxingtalk.com, Fightnews.com, 8CountNews.com, and formerly Examiner.com (Online). He wrote the book “Let's Talk Boxing” which was published in 2005.

Brad has promoted professional boxing matches, one of which headlined world known “Butterbean” and Olympic skater Tonya Harding. He's judged fights, promoted, and has done Public Relations for professional boxers, and musicians.

He also founded BradCooney.com and currently hosts a popular celebrity/musician Podcast show. Guests he's interviewed are Academy Award recipient Mickey Rourke, and Academy Award nominee Rosie Perez. Other notable guests on his show, Brad Arnold (3 Doors Down) Travis Walton (Fire in The Sky) UFO abductee, Dr John Callas (NASA), Dr. Jared Epsley (NASA Planetary Scientist), Richard Hoffman (MUFON), Ken Tapping (SETI), Michael Dennin (Ancient Aliens/History Channel), Stanton Friedman (Original Investigator of The Roswell New Mexico UFO crash) and many more.

Brad is a United States Navy Veteran, serving 4 years as an Operations Specialist on board the USS Truett FF – 1095, stationed in Norfolk, VA.

Brad currently resides in Brandon, Mississippi. He had a UFO encounter that he experienced in 2013 which was captured on video, and photos. It was reported to MUFON. The case was investigated by MUFON investigator Richard Hoffman. The UFO sighting could NOT be debunked by MUFON. This is what got Brad into the paranormal world. He's been seeking answers ever since.