About The Mississippi House

Although we experienced strange happenings since before moving into the house, my intrigue was intensified one night in 2011, when I opened my eyes to a large tunnel of light, going from the ceiling to the floor, in an otherwise pitch black room. Later that night, I saw three buttons of red light. Both lasted about ten seconds, then blinked out. I felt a conscious presence in the room. That is when I knew I had to have it investigated. I had become accustomed to the other activity, but the light manifestations were new. They have increased in frequency and appear in multiple ways. We were fortunate to have one captured recently on video by John Bullard. He described it as a blinding, white light that lit up the entire dining / living room, and pierced through the spaces behind a closed door upstairs. Investigators say these lights are atypical in haunted places. John says the house is addictive. (Posted on Smoke and Mirrors Facebook page).

According to two accomplished mediums/intuitives, the house is both a portal for lower level spirits, plus the two permanent resident higher spirits, who we call Lily and Eric. Both say the house is also a vortex, a culmination of various powerful energies. I would be interested to hear if anyone has any knowledge or experience of unexplainable night lights (and sometimes during the day) . Alice

Purpose of this website: To promote knowledge and exploration of this field. To show day to day occurrences in a haunted place To give serious investigators a place to explore. To hopefully find answers as to what causes the myriad of unusual occurrences: EVPs, objects moved, light anomalies, shadow figures, unusual sounds and the very bizarre light manifestations at night.

History of documented investigations:

  • WAPT Channel 16 October 30 and 31, 2011 With Darren Dedo (He won an Emmy for paranormal investigative reporting.) and Mississippi Paranormal Society (Brian Riley, lead investigator). They determined that the house is indeed haunted. They got multiple EVPs (from movie lines." H-E-R-E-S Johnny, “ “Let’s ride,” etc.), light anomalies in every room, one on the televised interview, K2 meter responses, intelligent responses on the white noise device.

  • Smoke and Mirrors paranormal investigators with John Bullard, lead investigator. 2011—present.
    www.smokeandmirrorspi.com has done multiple investigations and knows the house intimately. Evidence from the house can be seen on his website under private residence. John has worked with Ghost Adventures and has done interviews with Walt Grayson, Gary Pettus, Jackson Free Press, multiple radio interviews. The list of haunted places he has investigated is on his website.

  • 2015 WLBT Channel 3. Interview with Walt Grayson and John Bullard and Erin and Justin Brown, who both saw a male ghost. (Walt Grayson Look Around Rankin County Haunted House). MSNewsNow.com - Jackson, MS

  • 2015 Investigation by Southern Paranormal Mississippi. Can be viewed on their website under videos “Alice House.” Their investigator, Tammy Franks, did a phenomenal job on documenting the history of the land.

  • 2015 Brad Cooney (www.BradCooney.com) Mississippi House Brad Cooney