Sounds:    footsteps,   sounds of running water,   moving furniture,  whistle,  music playing (ballroom,  chimes,  music box), sound of dishes clattering,  whispering.

EVPs:  multiple,  documented on the previously mentioned websites

Objects moved:  kokopelli,   stuffed patchwork bear,  candle and candle wax balls, BED!  x 2,  doors opening and closing,  chandelier  (also turning off on demand:  John Bullard documented),  stove turning off,   deadbolts, lights turning on and off.

Shadow figures:  observed by me,   Erin Brown, Carole Northrip,  Housekeeper Frances Matthews

Ghosts:   Erin Brown and Justin Brown

Lights:   orbs,  blue, white and red     Tunnel of light,    general glowing of upstairs bedroom,   blue button throwing off blue light rays,  red buttons of light,  foggy strobe lights,   light rays coming from cell phones and other electronics (green pointer),  lights appearing as flashlights,